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Whole Body Vibrational Therapy

With whole-body vibration, you stand, sit or lie on a machine with a vibrating platform. As the machine vibrates, it transmits energy to your body, forcing your muscles to contract and relax dozens of times…

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Motor vehicle crashes can have devastating effects on many different parts of the body. In a violent car accident, it’s not uncommon to see everything from severe whiplash and fractures, to muscle…

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Hydromassage Therapy

The recuperative and healing properties of hydrotherapy itself (the use of heat and water) have been known to treat injuries and illnesses. By combining the use of hydrotherapy with the use of massage…

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Wellness Planning

Because chiropractic goes straight to the source of the pain first, treatment brings results and change, instead of masking over the problem. Not only is chiropractic an alternative, it is a more effective one.

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Chiropractic Adjustments

A chiropractic back adjustment is a type of manual therapy (i.e., a treatment delivered through the physician’s hands) that seeks to realign joint subluxations. Note that the word subluxation means different…

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Therapeutic Soft Tissue/Massage Therapy

Soft Tissue Therapy is the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of soft tissues of the body including muscles, tendons and ligaments. It is applicable not just to sports people but to anybody wishing…

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